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Although iPhone owners have an easy time getting ringtones for their devices through Apple's iTunes store, the rest of the market can't easily find unique ringtones for their phones.

As someone who has suffered from that issue, I decided to take a look at several ringtone-creation services. Check them out to see if one will do what you need.

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Ringtone Maker Free

  • install a free application
  • add a song
  • choose a 30s part of it
  • create a ringtone

To create a ringtone on your iPhone, go to AppStore and download a free application Ringtone Maker. The program is pretty easy to use. Tap the note button and choose a song for a ringtone from your music library. If you don’t have it, just add the song via iTunes. Trim the song to choose the part you’d like to use for phone calls. As soon as you do it, tap Play to listen to your future ringtone. If everything is ok, tap the Save button. Then you need to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes to install the ringtone. Save the file from the program onto the PC or Mac and add again to your iTunes media library. Then transfer the file back to iPhone and set as a ringtone in Settings. The detailed instruction of how to perform these actions is given in Ringtone maker together with the clear screenshots. In case you want to make a 40-second-ringtone or change the melody somehow, you may upgrade to the Pro version of the program for 0.99$.

Advice: You can use free audio editors described in this post to alter any track beforehand

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Step 4: Once you are done, you can download the ripped file in MP3 format for all portable gadgets or download it in m4r format for iPhone or iPad compatibility.

All your operations can be done with one simple web site. Melofania has simple web site interface that lets you quickly create ring tone within a few minutes. Its quick, its direct, it has quality….In my opinion this ringtone maker is absolutely awesome. Go ahead, stop depending upon external software for creating ring tones for cell phones.


MP3mer is yet another free online ringtone maker that helps you create free ring tones online. This free ringtone making service offers you various options for creating ring tones with good sound quality and amazing harmony.


Online ringtone maker services will allow you create select 30 seconds mp3 music portion and download it on your hard drive then transfer ringtone to your mobile phone. All ringtone downloaded will be work on any phone brand mobile phone that able to play MP3 files.

Cellsea – Online Ringtone Maker and Mobile Content Download Website

Cellsea - Simple Online Ringtone Maker

The MP3 Cut program provided by cutmp3.net is so easy to use that beginners can effectively cut their favorite parts from MP3 songs to use as ringtones. The simple settings included in the program makes the entire process from beginning to end a breeze to complete. Simply select the MP3 music or song that you want to use, follow the instructions and cut and save your targeted parts.

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Создать мелодию для iPad можно точно так же, как и для iPhone. Следуйте инструкции, приведенной выше. То же самое касается практически всей продукции Apple, например, iPod. Если вам необходимо создать рингтон для устройства другой марки, то мы рекомендуем воспользоваться другим нашим приложением по этой ссылке. С его помощью вы сможете обрезать и скачать мелодию в формате mp3.

Free tool to edit songs with cool audio effects and save on to your computer.

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It remains only to choose the file you received as a ringtone, and enjoy your favorite tunes on your phone call.