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Enable Office 365 Exchange Online Archive

A big point of confusion with people and Exchange in Office 365 is around the concept of the email in-place archive. There are some important things that should be pointed out when it comes to this in-place archive:

  1. Every Exchange Online plan (except Kiosk plans) have the ability to have an in-place email archive.
  2. By default, on all plans, the in-place email archive is disabled for all users. An administrator must enable it before it can be accessed.
  3. The in-place email archive contents are stored ONLY in the cloud. They are never synced to a desktop as the Inbox is.
  4. The in-place archive folders are only visible with the Outlook version in the Professional Plus product. Other versions of Outlook will not display the archive folders even though they may be present and enabled.
  5. Plans that include Exchange Online Plan 2 (E3, E4) have an unlimited archive. Plans that have Exchange Online Plan 1 (Business, and E1) have a current limit of 50GB of storage between the Inbox and the Archive. For example, in Exchange Online Plan 1 you could have a 25GB Inbox and a 25GB Archive, or a 10GB Inbox and 40GB archive. With Exchange Plan 1 the total size of the Inbox combined with the in-place archive cannot exceed 50GB.

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And from Outlook Web App

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Dragging and dropping messages. The problem above is similar to the behavior of dragging and dropping messages from the on-premises mailbox to the online archive. Outlook treats this action as what I like to call a "foreground" operation, which means Outlook immediately handles the action.

Rollout EOA gradually. Take your time with this deployment. There is no reason to rush the deployment as this will almost certainly have a negative effect on your end users' experience, and that's what really matters. Gradually introducing Exchange Online Archiving will give you time to collect feedback from your users and make changes to retention policies if needed. It's also a good test to see how the load on your support organization is after deploying the first archives.

Limitations and other need to know items.

There are a few limitations associated with the Exchange Online Archiving feature. These should have a minimal impact on most Exchange users, but are listed here to make everyone aware of what they are.

  • The online archive is not available for OWA Light, Microsoft mail clients for OS X, Evolution for Linux, or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. As a result, messages that have been moved to the archive will not be accessible within Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008, Evolution or on mobile devices.
  • When Online Archiving is enabled on a mailbox, Outlook's AutoArchiving feature for that profile will no longer function (this applies to Windows Outlook clients only, as Mac clients do not have this option). You can recreate the auto archive functionality using the Archive Policy options.
  • When using the Search dialog in Outlook for Windows, you can select the 'All Outlook Items' option to return results from both your mailbox and the online archive simultaneously. This does not work in OWA so you will need to select the Online Archive before entering search criteria.
  • Special folders, e.g. Calendar, Contacts, Journal, Notes, and Tasks folders and associated item types behave differently from standard folders and e-mail. You cannot set policy on these folders or items directly, however the Calendar and Tasks folders inherit the policy set on the Root mailbox folder.

How to assign Archive Policies in Outlook.

How to assign an Archive Policy to a folder in Outlook:

Easy to use and maintain

To set all mailboxes to use the online archive, use this format:
Get-Mailbox | Enable-Mailbox –Archive

To enable the archive only on usermailboxes, use
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited -Filter {(RecipientTypeDetails -eq 'UserMailbox')} | Enable-Mailbox –Archive

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