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"Wolfram Language": 0:49

What about the cloud? (Note: I do not have access to Mathematica Online so I am going to work with the Programming Cloud, hoping that they're similar enough.) The value of $UserBaseDirectory is less information about how to actually put files there, but we can navigate to Home > Base using the cloud's file manager:

Until now if you wanted to use Mathematica in this way you had to install a desktop version and for the occasional user this is sometimes a barrier, even if the necessary licences are available. Now you don't have to fiddle with an installation - you can simply go to a web page and start using Mathematica. We first saw this in action when Wolfram launched the Wolfram Cloud - this is the infrastructure that runs the now online Mathematica. 

Unpack it, change to the corresponding directory, and then (as root):

Подъязык географических вычислений: 1:09:18

Встроенные парсеры и средства семантической интерпретации данных: 1:15:48

If you are worried about the security implications of storing your work in Wolfram's cloud, a private cloud version will be available soon. 

Finally, you can run your local Mathics server with

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