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Интернет-сообщество по практике языковых навыков от Rosetta Stone

RWorld: интерактивная языковая практика

 There are many programs from which to choose:

is a cost effective way of learning English.  Class size is restricted to a maximum of 15 students, therefore providing an interaction between the students and the teacher that will lead to a comprehensive understanding of English.  The emphasis in the Group Instruction is to have all students become comfortable as quickly as possible in speaking a new language.Group Instruction 

Виды языкового обмена включают в себя:

  • Voice chat – беседа с использованием Skype или аналогичной программы.
  • Text chat – переписка в чате короткими сообщениями.
  • Pen pal – переписка по e-mail, предполагающая оттачивание writing skills.

Существует довольно много сайтов, предлагающих возможность language exchange. Одним из самых старых и наиболее посещаемых (over 1 million members from over 133 countries, practicing 115 languages) является www.mylanguageexchange.com.

We’re pleased to announce that Livemocha is making some changes! Based on feedback we’ve received from you, our worldwide community, we’ve updated the structure of our language-learning platform and optimized your learning experience. What does this mean? Beginning today your Livemocha account will have a new look and new feel—and will be faster than ever!…  read more



or ANYWHERE in the world! If you feel like an event organizer, feel free to suggest a new event to the community. You can also become an official Polyglot Club administrator or ambassador of your region or country.

For example, our community can provide you with:

- An English native speaker living in



The site is full of fun and outgoing personalities who can teach you a thing or two about their native languages. If people on this site are willing to open their homes to strangers through hospitality-exchange, don’t you think they’d be ecstatic to help you with languages?

Sign up, get involved in the online community, chat with people and start making friends. You might end up planning an international excursion in the process!

skype language exchange

Think about it. Everybody’s on Facebook. And not only that, you can learn so much about your future language partner. Not just because of her hundred pictures, she also lets you in on her likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite movies, books and more just by “friending” you. Just looking at her profile, you already know so much about her.

Try this: type “language exchange” into the Facebook search bar. See what it gets you. For starters, there’s a group called Language Exchange Through Skype. There’s plenty more out there just like that, and many are specific to certain languages.

Okay, now that you know where to find these people, let’s see how you’re going to approach, interact and develop relationships with all of these wonderful fellow language learners.

The 10 Commandments of Language Exchange

1. Manage expectations and start off on the right foot.

Tandem learning is an art and not a science. There are no codified rules for language exchange.

In short, you and your partner will make up the rules for your specific situation. So even before you relocate the exchange to Skype, make sure you’ve got the ground rules covered. In your text chats, for example, determine details like: How long will each session be? What will happen during the session? What are your expectations?

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7. CoffeeStrap

WithCoffeeStrap you find awesome native speakers. You text and talk with them, and you get fluent. They are supporting 12 languages, included: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can find language exchange partners, practice speaking a foreign language, ask questions, find free online language resources, and get help from an international community of language learners.

coffeestrap language exchange website

One of "the best ways" to learn a foreign language.

- The Wall Street Journal

November 18, 2002

- The Wall Street Journal

Languages For Exchange, Free Language Sharing Community

Langademy - Your online language exchange community

Language exchange apps

Pay attention to new words and write them down. This is especially true if your language exchange partner is a native speaker. You want to make sure you learn as much as you can and sometimes you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of new vocabulary terms and phrases that come up during the actual conversation. Use a dictionary app or a free platform like Lingua.ly to record the new words and turn them into flashcards you can review later on.

Do you have any tips or strategies for getting started with a language exchange site? Share them in the comments!