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Microsoft Exchange Online - лицензии для организаций в Softline

Microsoft Exchange Online является облачной службой корпоративной электронной почты, обладающей всеми возможностями сервера Microsoft Exchange Server. Служба Exchange Online доступна как отдельно, так и в составе плана Office 365, в который входят Office, SharePoint и Lync.

  • Email and shared calendaring with 50GB of storage space.
  • Message size up to 150MB
  • Improved Outlook Web App (same functionality across all modern browsers) and tight integration with Office 365 suite.
  • Global address list including name, department and phone information for all faculty and staff.
  • Email contact data for all people, resources and lists in Exchange Online environment.
  • Accommodates multiple personal calendars, group calendars, as well as resource calendars for scheduling of rooms, equipment, and other resources.
  • Built-in virus scanner.
  • Custom configuration abilitiies.

Outlook Web App

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Just like was the case with migrations from an on-premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online (part of the previous Office 365 offering), the migration path from an on-premise messaging environment to the new Exchange Online (part of the New Office 365 offering) will differ based on criteria such as size of the on-premise environment, number of users, the messaging environment an organization is migrating from, as well as the expectations revolving around coexistence.

So if we leave third party migration solutions out of the picture, we have four different migration approaches at our disposal:

  • Exchange Cutover migrations
  • Staged Exchange migrations
  • Hybrid Exchange Deployment-based migrations
  • IMAP-based e-mail migrations

When migrating from an on-premises Domino/Notes environment, the approach is to use a third party tool such as CMT from Binary Tree or Notes migrator from Quest Software (Dell).

Select yes to enable the in-place archive.


за пользователя в месяц

Warning for folder hierarchy depth   Specifies the number of levels in the folder hierarchy of a mailbox folder that can be created before Exchange Online sends a warning message to the mailbox owner. When this quota is reached, warning messages are sent once a day.

New-MailUser -Name "Test User" – ‘Test User’ would be the display name for the user in the GAL for all other users in Exchange Online

– ‘’ would be the login for the username the user uses to login and for access to other Office 365 resource such as SharePoint and Lync Online, this would require a license purchased for these services

Are their Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, or Lync services integrated?

Your Office 365 services are tightly integrated together. For example, your Lync presence status is available in Outlook, Outlook Web App, and SharePoint. Other providers may offer these services but depending on their offerings the applications may not be integrated.

Does their product integrate with other third party products?

This may not seem like a critical feature, however as more and more applications move from traditional client-server environments to the cloud it is important to ensure your core communication and collaboration services (Email, IM, and Document Management) can integrate with these solutions.

You might prefer to use a prefix of “Online” or “Cloud” instead. Really it is up to you. But when you do this the prefix is added to the cmdlets for your Office 365 session, so Get-Mailbox becomes Get-EXOMailbox instead.