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General Causes of TrayProdder.exe Error

This TrayProdder.exe file stores important information that how the program or a Windows service needs to run. As a result, it will pop up an error message when this file is corrupt or damaged. In such circumstance, you may have a problem running the program or using the computer properly.

Most of the time, you will get an error message when there is a computer error. That error message may give you any hint on what may be wrong. Knowing the root of the problem is half the battle won when it comes to fixing the error.

  • The registry key of TrayProdder.exe is invalid or damaged.
  • Computer malware has injected malicious code and modified TrayProdder.exe file.
  • The TrayProdder.exe file was uninstalled by other software.
  • The TrayProdder.exe file was intentionally or mistakenly deleted by other software.
  • The required version of TrayProdder.exe file is overwritten by other software.
  • There is a hardware failure, such as a bad hard disk.

How to Fix TrayProdder.exe Error?

Attention: It's not advisable to download TrayProdder.exe file from those "exe download" websites. The file from those websites are not verified by the official TrayProdder.exe developer and may be bundled with computer malware or other unwanted things. In case you really need a copy of TrayProdder.exe file, it's necessary for you to get it directly from its official resource. Now you can use the following solutions to fix TrayProdder.exe error:

Possible TrayProdder.exe Error Messages

  • "TrayProdder.exe cannot be found."
  • "This program can't start because TrayProdder.exe is missing from your computer."
  • "TrayProdder.exe is missing."
  • "There was a problem starting [path]\TrayProdder.exe. The specified module could not be found."
  • "Runtime Error. TrayProdder.exe pure virtual function call."
  • "Access Violation File [path]\TrayProdder.exe"
  • "Unable to launch the software located at path: [path]\TrayProdder.exe"
  • "This application requires the file TrayProdder.exe, which was not found on this system."


If you're not good at computers, it's recommended that you use this Automatic Error Fix Tool to fix this kind of problem.

Possible Causes of TrayProdder.exe Error

You may get TrayProdder.exe error message when you are trying to run or install some applications. This kind of error can happen when Windows or software starts or shuts down, or maybe when you are using the computer or software.

When and how this TrayProdder.exe error happens is very important and helpful to figure out the cause and work out the effective solution.


The checkboxes are a little strange though… once you check the boxes you need to use the “Select all checked” button to actually check them…

-f = fullrowselect on (default: off)
-c = checkboxes on (default: off)
-h = hide main form at start (default: show form at start)
-x = minimize to system tray at Close (default: ask whether to quit)

So if you want the application to start hidden with both features enabled, and minimize to the tray, you'd have to use this:

As the most important part the computer, registry controls the proper running of all the programs installed on your PC. Once some needed files are corrupted or broken as you install/uninstall programs, the Windows application error message will appear when the program cannot reach the correctly needed files. Hence, to always ensure the proper running of the computer and all of your programs, you should scan and fix registry errors at a regular basic.

With the simple solutions above, you can prevent and fix trayprodder.exe error effectively in your daily computer life. By the way, I find that Regcure is a good registry cleaner and trayprodder.exe fix tool. It is really worth a try!

1. In the showing box, click Run.
2. Click: I accept the license agreement, and then press Next.
3. Wait for a while to install the applications.
4. Click Finish.
5. After installation, you can click Yes to restart your computer to make SpyHunter effect, or press No, if you’d like to restart it later manually.

Step three:scan and delete every threats caused by trayprodder.exe virus.


confirm restore point

8. Run the sfc /scannow command to repair the system files

The sfc command is also known as System File Checker which is a very helpful utility to verify and replace important system files. When it scans the whole system and finds any missing, corrupt or damaged system files, it will replace the problematic files. This can fix the error if the file is provided by Microsoft.

Video of How to run sfc /scannow command in Windows 7:

9. Examine hardware devices

3).Wait until the System File Checker finishes the check.

9.Test your hardware devices.

Windows re-installation can fix software-related problems. In case you still get TrayProdder.exe error, it must be hardware-related problems. Though hardware problem rarely happens, you can test the memory and hard drive, as they are the most likely components to have problems. In case they really have hardware issues, you need to replace the memory or the hard drive as soon as you can.

It's recommended to use Automatic Error Fix Tool to fix your TrayProdder.exe error

Still Getting TrayProdder.exe Error?

If you have tried the above advice but still cannot get TrayProdder.exe error fixed, please contact me via email or posting your message on tech support forum. Make sure you have the screenshot of the error message, tell me how this error happens and what you have done to fix your error if any.